Vasquez Canyon Road Re-opened, but is it safe?

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By: Tanner Nava

Vasquez Canyon Road was re-opened Wednesday November 23, nearly a year after it was closed due to severe buckling of the soil and pavement. The re-openeing of the road once again gave students an alternative route to get to school besides the freeway or Sierra Highway.

Some students however, are concerned that the road is unsafe to travel on due the previous issues last year. Geologist have not yet been able to exactly pin point what exactly caused the damage on the road which is the main reason that some students are skeptical

Most students are purely relived because they no longer have to take a longer route to get school, work, and other destinations. They believe the buckling of the road last year was nothing more than a “freak thing”, that is highly unlikely to happen again.

Of the students that were spoken most were not worried, few were a little skeptical, and they all said they would be willing to drive on Vasquez Canyon Road if it was a more convenient route.

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