Settlement Reached in the Case of the SoCal Gas Leak

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The Southern California Gas Company has finally reached a multi-million-dollar settlement with Porter Ranch residents. Are the residents happy with this decision? NO!

The Southern California Gas leak that occurred in Porter Ranch is considered one of the largest natural gas leaks in U.S. History. This leak forced more than 2,200 households to re locate.

The deal that was approved by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office forces the SoCal Gas Company to pay nearly $4 Million in both fines and fees.

According to the residents of Porter Ranch, this is not a fair deal as none of the funds are earmarked for ALL residents who were forced to be re located, uprooted, inconvenienced, or negatively impacted for the long months Porter Ranch was effected.

The deal only resolved the misdemeanor/criminal charges that the company was charged with. The company was at fault for not reporting the leak in a timely manner and placing many residents in harm’s way, women, children, were all effected. This presented serious health risks.

The deal also did not seem to cover all residents leaving much of the community feeling they were not properly represented or compensated for the major challenges they were faced with because of this issue.

Resident Maureen Capra stated, “I don’t feel represented at all by them. I don’t feel protected by them, by LA City, county or any of them. I’m just disgusted with them.”

The problems don’t seem to be over for the Southern California Gas Company as residents intend to appeal this decision demanding more for their troubles.

Mayor Rex Parris seems to agree with the residents. He too feels they should be held responsible for paying back the expenses lost by the residents.

Defense attorneys say the SoCal Gas company is more concerned with making money and “keeping money” then actually correcting or being accountable for their mistakes.

They are prolonging court proceedings and trying to refuse paying the residents who were affected by this gas leak. Residents paid a price by moving, paying to commute or to be housed elsewhere, should these residents to be paid back?

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