Preparing COC For An Emergency

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By Annie Bahena
As COC students prepares by taking drills to the next level they stay alert more than ever after finding out that recently Ohio State University had an active stabber on campus with 11 injured and 1 killed.

COC assistant superintendent of student services Dr. Michael Wilding explains future drills and precautions for all COC students to take.

With many different variations on how to stay safe COC students at Mentry hall were the only ones that experienced the active shooter drill that happened Tuesday morning one week before the Ohio State University incident. Emails and texts were sent to students that were not present in Mentry hall the day of the drill warned them before.

However, many of them did not get the message and Dr. Michael Wilding explains further more on a solution for the problem and how to send the message out to others.

COC stays alert at all times and with many more drills to come COC will stayed prepared for the future.

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