PAWS for awhile – Therapy Dogs

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Finals are here and students have deadlines to meet, assignments to turn in, and exams to study for, and let’s not forget that some students even have work to go to as well.

With all of that in mind, students deserve a few minutes to relax. COC’s Assisted Student Government, along with the Student Health & Wellness Center, came up with a very adorable and unique way to combat the stress brought on by finals – therapy dogs.

The event, called PAWS for awhile, was located at the flagpole at the Valencia Campus. Students could come up to the dogs and pet them, and spend a few minutes taking some time. The event also had free scantrons, as well as squeeze toys designed as cows, and pamphlets that mention 101 ways to relieve stress.

So even if you only had a short amount of time to interact with these lovely animals, it never hurts to spend time with them during finals week!


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