Lions Club host seniors Thanksgiving dinner

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On Thanksgiving the Castaic Lions Club prepared a meal of the seniors of Santa Clarita.

The Lions Club cooked all the turkey and ham, but got all the side dishes donated from local restaurants. The mashed potatoes came from Salt Creek, the bread rolls came for chichi’s. Magic Mountain donated all the ice cream, and they purchased the ingredients for the pies and had the culinary classes at COC and the high schools of Santa Clarita.

“We try to get more student volunteers than we have seniors so that the Seniors have news faces to see, and new people to talk to” Flo Lawrence said.

The Lions club isn’t only cooking a meal for them for that day either.

“Our goal is to feed the seniors a meal at the senior center. The meal we serve them is a meal much bigger than they can eat in one sitting, so we send the left over home with them. We also send home with them an entirely new meal for the next day” Lawrence said.

This event started about 35 years ago back when the Santa Clarita Lions club was still small. Back than they on served about 70 people.

“We used to come in the night before and pill all of the potatoes, cut all the vegetables, slice all the bread, and than on thanksgiving we would get to the senior center at about 4 in the morning to start cooking everything” Ray Grabber said. “Back than the club had a smaller amount of people to cook for, which made it possible to cook everything. We now serve close to 270 people and send home just as many meals. Because of that we are not able to cook everything” Lawrence said.

So why do the Lions club give up apart of their thanksgiving to serve these seniors?

“We need to do all we can to help our seniors. Some can’t cook and some have families far away that they physically can’t travel to see. So we want to help bring a family to these seniors so that they can have a special day as well” Lawrence said.

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