Is COC ready in case of an attack?

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Recently Ohio State University had an incident of an armed student on campus.

Eleven people were injured and the suspect is dead.

The suspect drove his car over the sidewalk hitting students. He then got out of the vehicle and began to stab those surrounding him.

Attacks on college campuses are not uncommon and it is a school’s responsibility to have the correct preparation in case of an emergency.

COC’s Vice President of Student Services, Michael Wilding recognizes this. “We realize that drills are very important and that the staff and student want them.”

Just last week COC held its own practice emergency drill and there were some notes to take away says Wilding. “About half the students in class will get the emergency notification message because of their cell service or their phones are off, their not listening, its on silent. Our messaging needs to include words that say tell other people.”

With changes to be made the college has decided to move forward. “We have already scheduled another drill for the spring semester and I think what we are going to do is were going to do a drill every semester because you have to remember that students flow through here. Every year we get a new 4,000 students.”

This time the drill will only take place in COC’s Canyon Country campus. He adds that the last time the college had a drill was roughly a year ago in Mentry Hall at the Valencia Campus and he feels there was to long of a separation between both practice drills.

In relation to OSU’s shooting, Wilding says COC would have reacted in the same way. “Ohio State did shelter in place because they were not sure what was happening and we would of done the same things. Their message said to all the students ‘same thing we have’ to their cellphones text and emails ‘Active shooter run hide and fight’”

The same thing meaning, “’Run hide and fight,’ which is what you do in the case of a shelter in place active shooter. You run to safety if you can away from the shooter, you hide if you have no choice and your last option is to fight,” said Wilding.

Now the only concern left is if COC faces a similar situation is the college ready?

Wilding explains that they did specially talk about the OSU situation and that in that case of an attacker on campus COC would have challenges. “Now about the Ohio State thing we’ve talked about this but it’s a really its an interesting conversation because on the one hand you want limit cars from being able to get to your interior campus right for this very reason on the other had you have to allow access to the fire department into your campus.”

“We don’t have an answer it raised a very important issue.”

He hopes the college and fire department can come together for an agreement very soon.

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