Electronica Musique fills the PAC

by Richard Andal 628 views0

College of the Canyons hosted a unique type of concert at the Black Box Theater located in the Performing Arts Center.

Electronica Musique provides a place for students to hone their creations in a live performance. The musical acts were performed by local students and anyone interested had free admission.

The genres ranged from classical compositions to hip-hop performances.

Bernardo Feldman, the event organizer, wanted to provide a place for students to express themselves musically. He even started off the event with his own avant-garde musical piece depicting the mindset of a young girl during the Holocaust.

The piece featured the COC’s own dance team to provide a layer of visual interpretation.

Feldman mentioned that his piece will take the listener through an array of emotions, but it could not have been achieved without the use of electronic elements. His presentation helped outline the event which featured many unique acts.

It’s safe to say that after witnessing every performance, College of the Canyons is home to many talented acts.

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