Early Christmas

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Christmas is a holiday celebrated nationwide and many other countries as well.

What makes the holiday season so recognizable is the many decorations that are put up throughout those who celebrate it.

Yet how soon is considered appropriate to put the holiday season into effect. Here in Santa Clarita as soon as halloween ends you can see decorations going up into effect in plazas, and our local mall.

For many businesses the holidays bring them much business and they see it as an opportunity to provide their service and improve their sales. Yet most stores can be seen with christmas decorations the day after halloween.

I headed out to the Valencia Marketplace in Stevenson Ranch where their was a Christmas Tree lit in the center between Starbucks and Jamba juice with several light poles with wreaths hanging around them. The whole area and environment seemed to emphasize the christmas spirit very pleasantly. Several people were seated outside enjoying their coffees and had their laptops out or were just hanging out with friends.

I spoke to Angel Fuentes and Eric Kim who gave their opinions on appropriate timing for
Christmas decorations.

“Shops always like to make their money and getting into the holidays early expands their sales which is kinda rude but still cool” said Eric. Angel said that “My family doesn’t usually put decorations up until after Thanksgiving or at
least a week.”

Santa Clarita also has a local popular attraction spot in between Saugus and Valencia known as Candy Cane Lane otherwise known as Wakefield Court off of Copper Hill Drive. The attraction is a street filled with holiday decorations unlike your average neighborhood.

As early as today in mid-November you can see them setting up their decorations with ladders still out on their houses and lights hung but not on. Most families usually decorate their homes following Thanksgiving but one thing is certain
here in Santa Clarita is that the holidays come in earlier.

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