Canyons Radio the life and hope

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Canyons Radio is the new pet project of the COC Media Entertainment Arts department. During the course of writing a story about this project I became the story.

The idea was conceived during the summer of 2016 by the newly formed MEA Premiere Club. The idea was to create a place for the students to gain some work experience.

dof_sytten_005-copyI learned about the project from Jon Amador, my instructor.  What started as a simple interview for the Cougar News, quickly spiraled into an opportunity for myself to make a difference.

I learned that the station was a new bold initiative that needed help. It was and is a fledgling looking for its wings.

“Canyons Radio is built for students by students, it’s the big thing we want people to know” said Amador he continued “What we want to do is to become a place for students to become the greatest they can be.”

This was when I hopped on board, initially to help with hosting shows but later to assist making this something permanent.

I learned that we did not have a direction to go.  We had a goal but we did not have the plan on how to get there.

We sat down and figured out plans for the future and what we would need to do._dsc2059

We created a roster, developed permanent show plans and figured out how to work with COC to find sponsors.

Coming up with a roster was first and eventually, after much trial and error, our template was complete.

Show plans and scripting was next on the list.

We created seven shows.

They are Film Reel, College of the Canyons Talk, We The Few, Tech Talk, Gaming Greatness, Late Night Talk and Skumcast.

Realizing that this isn’t enough to complete a day let alone a week, the decision was made to add Radio Drama’s.

The long-term goal is to have students write scripts to be aired, however until that is accomplished there are dramas that were created in the 1920’s that are no longer copyright protected that we will be using.

_dsc2065Campy and corny these dramas will add a breath of fresh air to a rather dull day.

Here is where the station hits its ultimate nemesis, the law.

The question of legality comes into play for the fledgling station, how do you take in money as an extension of a club.

The answer is there is no answer, this is a first for COC.  COC is not the first junior college to host a radio station but, at the very least, this is the first time its tried too.

Here is where the nightmare comes for Canyons Radio.  The decision had to be made as to whether Canyon Radio should break away from the MEA Premiere Club and become its own nonprofit organization?  If so,  how? Or does it stay the course and figure out a new way to make it all work out?

Only time and a lot of work on this reporter’s end will tell.

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