Workshop helps COC students choose a good path

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The undecided major workshop, held at College of the Canyons, is a small orientation that lets students explore there options.

Many students find it hard to choose a major and usually mark themselves as undecided.

Then there is also the monetary factor that always have students questioning what they want.

It is always best to pick something that is fulfilling to you and something that you are genuinely passionate about; that way you can go on after college to live a long successful career, doing what you have always wanted.

But it is also very wise to think about the income that career will bring you; that way you can live well and support your family if you have one.

The undecided major workshop gives you a wide range of majors and gives you further information including, the employment rate and gross income.

The workshop is open to College of the Canyons students almost every week, ranging at different times which you can find on the College of the Canyons website under events on the home page.

“It was helpful and it guided me to look further in different careers and what they offer, now I have a better idea of what direction I want to go in at school,” Misty Contraes, a COC student said.

With an event like this everyone’s experience will be different, but hopefully it will be insightful and fulfilling. One is welcome to go to the workshop as many times as they may need.

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