The Kardashian Syndrome

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It is not very fair to blame the downfall of marriage on the Kardashian family. Many people according to recent statistics share the mindset expressed by the Kardashians. What does that mean you ask?

Kim Kardashian has been married three times the shortest being 72 days. Kourtney Kardashian has never been married and claims she will never get married yet has three children, and Khloe has just finalized a divorced while already being involved in three relationships while still married.  To each there own really but lets consider that mindset and see how marriage statistics in Santa Clarita relate to those of the larger population. Is marriage really going out of style?

There are roughly 176,971 people that reside in Santa Clarita, and out of those 56% are married. A little more than half sounds low, does it not? Well when the rest of the world has a lower percentage than that, 56% doesn’t sound that bad.

According to the census bureau the median age range of someone living in Santa Clarita is 36.2 years old. A large percentage of the people are out of college, have established there career choices, and have moved to an area that reports as being the 37th safest city in California.

This leads to the assumption that those people are ready to lay down roots and grow a family. Henceforth over 38 thousand families call this city home. These statistics make Santa Clarita sound as if marriage is thriving and not going out of style but take some time to think back to 1970 when the percentage of the population that was married was over 72%. That drop is astronomical!

The world may not ever understand why it seems people are staying single for longer these days, but one thing for sure is that the majority of people, not just celebrities, have decided that marriage is not something that is “forever” or something to do at all.

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