Opinion: The practice of writing

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By Corbin Jones

Ryan Holmes once said “As technology has improved, our digital lives have only grown more tangled and cluttered”. With each passing moment we move away from the days of paper and pencil.

I’ve heard very little of people keeping journals as blogs are easy to maintain and hide.

People don’t write much anymore unless they really have too. Preferring to type and print things out so that they are neat and easy to read or send.

No one sends letters or postcards any more as finding a stamp is sometimes too much of a hassle.

Everything is digital and at the tips of our fingers. But if things keep going this way could writing become a thing of the past?

We are entering an age where at least 80% or people in the United States know how to use some form of electronic device to communicate.

With that said most of the people who don’t are either being taught how too or slowly phased out.

History has taught us that society will favor the easiest and quickest way to do things.

Writing seems to have become archaic due to its many faults. Messy writing means not being able to read the information, paper and writing utensil use up resources and paper can also be easily lost or destroyed by water.

Everyone has had that moment where you can’t find that one sheet of paper amid the stack of papers. But who knows, maybe the next generation will never have that problem.

Still being able to save and make 100 copies of your work is amazing.

If you lost the physical copy you will always have the digital copy as long as you don’t lose the save file.

Still with paper you have something that electronics does not, sincerity.

Just think about that card you got for you birthday with that small message that told you how much you mean to someone.

A written message or note is a powerful thing. It shows that they took the time to think about what to say and wrote it out. Also everyone has a different writing style that is unique.

Sure you can write in comic sans but no one can ever write a “B” like you.

Typing doesn’t have the excitement when you write a perfect “A” in a sentence. Or the look of paper that has thousands written notes and doodles on it.

Sure it might not look as neat as something typed but it has feeling.

We have no idea what the future hold for us and writing might be here forever or might be going out of style.

Still having our children learn how to do something takes time and we are not giving them that.

Force them to write letter or write in a journal for fun.

If we do not try to keep it we will lose writing forever.

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