Opinion: Media’s double standard is unfair to Trump

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By Kimberly Arispe

After reading the editorial, “Donald Trump Goes Low” in the New York Times I can’t help but comprehend that the New York Times is not only a predisposed newspaper orientated entirely towards Clinton but also is completely lessening Trump.

Yes, I wholly agree that what Trump said about numerous amounts of women has been downright inappropriate and uncalled for, but since when do previous mottos disturb the entire campaign?

I understand if they were words of violence, but from time to time you just have to recognize that some people not only change, but also make mistakes in the moment. Especially coming from Trump, the man whose ego is just as outsized as his hair.

Trump comments how if he was in control Clinton would be in a penitentiary. Hoorah! Anybody who breaks the law should pay for their mistakes and own up to it.

The New York Times criticized Trump for bringing up Clinton’s email scandal after they had just brought the topic of the emails into the picture.

Honestly, who cares?!

The emails are a big deal; they shouldn’t just be brought up then brushed under the rug. Here are all of America’s biggest secrets, some of the biggest racial controversies, laws being broken, other Democrats being judged by their religion and lets ignore it?

No, honestly put yourself into Trump’s little shoes and ask yourself if you would or would not bring up her emails a majority of the time? If I were him I would think I had the presidency in the bag going against a criminal.

Yes, she committed a crime, so we can call her that. If she weren’t in the position she is in or a woman, yes I went there, she would be in jail. Like any other citizen who lives in America you would assume we all had equal rights? Like the freedom of speech for example.

Trump can speak provocatively towards woman and he will be called Satan’s minion, but Clinton can put our entire country at risk and she will be worshipped.

Women want to be treated fairly, so how about we start with Clinton? I catch myself asking this question quite a bit and you should do the same.

If Clinton was a man who committed the same exact crime and was running for President would “he” still be in the race? I won’t say my answer but I think you know where I stand.

Now back to what Trump said in 2005, “You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. … And you see these incredible-looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that.” Whoa Trump slow down there!

I recognize why this disappointed people. As a woman I like to be respected, talked to as an equal, and observed as a person not an object of sexual attraction. I’m not going to give him that boys will be boys card, just as I will not give Clinton her girls make silly mistakes card.

What I will give Trump is that he did apologize for his mistakes and acknowledged he was wrong. Unlike some people who will say to the faces of the parents who lost warriors in Benghazi that nothing happened and refuse to take responsibility.




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