Opinion: Is the government making us fat?

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By Brittney Silverstein

Have you ever read a nutrition label and not understood how to interpret it? Or have you ever noticed that all daily percent values are listed EXCEPT sugar? Neither did I and I am always reading nutrition labels! That’s until my eyes opened and jaw dropped when I watched the documentary “Fed Up”.

In the documentary “Fed Up” it shows how over the years, gyms and gym memberships have increased tremendously but weirdly enough what also increases at the same rate is the obesity percentage.

So why is that we are exercising more and growing larger at the same time? It is constantly being preached that we should “eat less, and exercise more”. But Is it really the amount we are eating or is it what we are eating?

In latest years there has been a big effort by the government to increase physical activity in the school systems and to get moving. It is being told to us that it our responsibility if we’re fat and we need to exercise more or eat less. Is that really the case?

The documentary shows two different obese teenagers and which both of their doctors tell them to make healthier changes in their lifestyle. Both teens exercise increases and they are making healthier or what they believe to be healthier choices. They are eating the same processed foods, however choosing the ones labeled “1/3 the fat” or “30% less calories”.

So why is it after making these healthy switches they both did not lose weight but gained weight?! WHAT? That’s because food companies and the government are smart. They remove the fat from a product meant to have fat and removing it also removes the taste. No one wants to buy food that tastes terrible so what do they do to fix this? They add LOTS of sugar and re-package the product branding it as “non-fat or half the fat”.

Food companies know that most consumers are not nutritionists, they know most of us have no clue as to what we are reading on a nutrition label other than the calories, maybe the fat. They profit greatly off this fact.

If consumers knew what the ingredients meant and how unhealthy the products they are purchasing were, they wouldn’t purchase them. If you saw 300% next to your daily sugar value intake on the nutrition label of a snack you were about to eat, would you still eat it? Maybe, but it might concern or raise some questions.

But not to worry you won’t be seeing that any time soon because our government has decided to hide that little (or should I say large) number from appearing on the nutritional label. What a lot of people don’t look at are the grams of sugars. When your body consumes a product with a large amount of sugar, your body doesn’t know what do with and turns it directly into fat which is a big cause of obesity.

Food companies and the government can’t afford to not have consumers buying goods so they have to market effectively. Knowing that the consumers care about their weight they have marketed their food products to appeal as healthy.

Junk food is also much cheaper than fruits, vegetables, or poultry, which is another appealing factor to consumers.

Processed food is made in factories a large output can be created much faster, cheaper, and easier than growing vegetables or butchering meat. The government subsidizes these large food companies making it more affordable and convenient to eat unhealthy. The cheaper the product the likelihood of buying more will increase as well. It’s all about the money!


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