Opinion: every vote should count

by Miracle Vincent 603 views0

Whether Democratic or Republican, I think we can all agree that regardless of whom wins/won we could only hope the votes were cast fairly. There have been mixed reviews on whether or not the vote’s are/were being properly considered and counted.

Many have reported that no identification was required when going to vote the night of the election while others reported they were questioned and required to show there identification twice before receiving their ballot to vote.

One man voting in Lancaster, California’s West Winn Elementary School was highly upset stating that there was many of Hispanic descent voting. He stated there were several Hispanics that could not even verify a valid address or confirm living in the area yet were able to cast votes. Some he said seemed to speak no English at all. He chose to remain Anonymous however was a clear TRUMP supporter.

There was also some upset that those voting were not able to feed their ballot through the machine themselves. Not to mention, we heard all night about the 7,000 ballots that could not be used because they were not marked properly. Although you may not have cast a vote for Donald Trump and may possibly have voted for Hillary Clinton, I am sure we can all understand where this man was coming from. He was concerned his vote would not accurately be counted. He feared that people who possibly were not actually from the “neighborhood” were taking away his rights or somehow cheating the system.

Regardless of the outcome, the people all have the same hope and desire to be heard, to be counted, and to cast a vote that will contribute to the outcome of our futures. With the votes now all in ask yourself, were you heard?

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