Holiday Travel Tips

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If you traveling or heading out of town during the holiday season it is important to realize that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands that have the same idea as you.

Traffic, hectic airports, intrusive security pat downs and scans, do not have to deter you from your holiday plans. We are here to give you helpful tips on how to survive this holiday travel season. You don’t have to have a meltdown.

Be in the know.

Be sure to download updated travel apps before leaving the house. Download apps that can help you better manage your time by keeping you in the “know”. There are apps such as Flight Status and Gate Guru that can give you instant information on your flight status, baggage numbers, and updates on any flight delays.

Don’t over pack.

If possible try and use only carry-on luggage. You will save yourself a lot of time by avoiding the crowd of people hammering around conveyor belts waiting on their luggage. If you must check your luggage, keep important items and a change of clothes with you in a carry on. Doing this helps in the unfortunate event that your luggage is lost.

Avoid unnecessary stops.

Because of holiday traffic, try and eliminate any additional or unnecessary stops. Pack snacks, food for on the go, and water/drinks. This is especially handy when traveling with little ones. When those hunger pains kick in, you’ll be ready!

Travel trick.

Surprisingly, the best time to travel is on the actual holiday. Most people tend to travel to their friends, family, loved ones, or out of town the day/night before the holiday. The best way to miss the craziness of being caught in the chaos is to travel very early the day of the holiday or late in the day. Remember to prepare and plan ahead as best as you can.

Using the tricks listed, will ensure that you can enjoy the holiday season without losing the “Happy” in Thanksgiving or the “Merry” in Christmas. With much fun to be had, you can rest assure you are ready to tackle the holiday season. Your friends and family will wonder how you manage to juggle so many tasks without breaking a sweat.

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