College of the Canyons Students React to Trump’s Victory

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Who would’ve thought that in 2016 Donald Trump would be elected as the President.

Many people around the country are still in a state of shock over the results. Many expected his opponent Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the election with ease.

Students at College of the Canyons were especially surprised. Many had voted against Donald Trump and as expected many were quite upset over the results. “He’s a bigot and we just let one become our Commander in Chief”, said one upset COC student.

“We should try our best to fight against his policies”, said another student.

While many students are openly against the new President-Elect all of the students did unanimously agree that they must move forward together because there is nothing more they can do to deal with the results.

Optimism is in the air for the students and they feel they best way to move forward is to make the best of what they have for the next four and maybe eight years.

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