Veterans Incentive Program

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Homelessness in both Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys has risen recently according to reports released by the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles.

Although the numbers are continually rising, the population of homeless veterans has significantly fallen.

This is due to the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles, HACOLA, has enacted a new Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing program known as “Vash”.

Veterans have the opportunity to use the resources provided them by the Department of Veteran Affairs who provide them with referrals. These referrals allow them to bypass the waiting list to be approved for Section 8. This is a big step as the waiting list for LA County currently holds more than 40,000 people.

Congress had decided to approve the money to be delegated to this program back in 2008. They made available $75 million dollars to found Vash vouchers.

Spots rarely open due to availability of the fiscal budget for the year. Local housing authorities have also provided an incentive in order to help secure housing in the area. The housing authorities provide the homeowners with a months rent to hold the house vacant in order to have the time to find a qualifying veteran to be placed in the home. This is known as the VIP program.

This program is hugely significant because those men and women chose to fight for us and now the government wants to fight for them.

The VIP program allows them to have specialized case managers solely dedicated to their needs and will walk them hand in hand to make sure that all of there needs are handled in an expedited timing.

So if you are a veteran or know of a veteran please contact your Antelope Valley or Santa Clarita Valley representative for more information. No Veteran left behind.

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