Candidates talk to college students at SCV meet and greet

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Candidates of local election races pertaining to the 21st State Senate District, 25th Congressional District, 36th and 38th Assembly District were invited to COC on behalf of the Civic Engagement Club (CEC) to talk to students and give them a chance to meet.

Candidates of Santa Clarita Valley local races present themselves in front of COC students. Picture courtesy of COC Civic Engagement Club.
Candidates of Santa Clarita Valley local races present themselves in front of COC students. Picture courtesy of COC Civic Engagement Club.

“It’s honestly to raise awareness to the vote. Because a lot of young people don’t vote and we want them to actually have one on one contact with the people that actually represent them,” said Desi Angeloo Alemen President of CEC.

One by one candidates stood up introduced themselves and their positions.

“For me that includes total and complete women equality, because for me when women thrive, America succeeds,” said Democratic candidate Bryan Caforio of the 25th Congressional district.

“Its important that you’re engaged, you are our future and I want to make sure you’re not denied of any opportunities because we’re not properly invested in education”, said Scott Will, 21st State Senate district Republican candidate.

Jonathan Ervin, democratic candidate of the 21st State Senate district said, “But to do that we have to send somebody to Sacramento who is willing to fight for resources I’m willing to do.”

One of the candidates even referenced their connection to COC.

“When I attend here this building did not exist,” said Christy Smith, Democratic candidate for the 38th Assembly district. “I had fantastic experiences here as both a student and an employee which, has made me a believer in the value and the relevance of the California Community College system.”

Candidates proceeded by spreading throughout the room where students had the liberty to ask them questions and connected with on a personal level.

“As I’m sitting here I’m realizing how important it really is to be involved in the community, because a lot of the choices they are making are involving the students.” says Reem Saba a COC student.

Surrounded by a crowd of students Ervin says, “I honestly believe that I’m running for people, not for the system, not special interest”

Alemen could not believe the success of their first event but said the challenges were worth putting it together because it was something the club had been wanting to do for a while. He adds, it would not have come together without the help of Linda Vazquez.

The CEC hopes to put together similar events in the near future. For now they will be hosting a presidential debate viewing on October 19th from 5:30p.m. to 7:30.p.m. in the Valencia Campus Cafeteria.

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