Road rehab reeks annoyance in Canyon Country

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It seems as if roads are always being fixed across Santa Clarita. It’s no surprise considering the city spends roughly $9.5 million a year on the fixing, maintaining, and prolonging of road conditions.

Lately, road work along Golden Valley Road and along Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country has been ongoing for months. While roads are being refurbished, traffic is getting worse and residents of the area are becoming irritated.

Heather Lethcoe, a 25-year-old COC student who recently moved to Canyon Country from Green Valley, is one of many who is affected by the construction-induced traffic. “It’s awful,” she says, “I try to avoid Golden Valley at all costs, even if it means going out of my way. It’s annoying and it’s been going on ever since I moved here.”

Although the city may have tried to minimize traffic by only allowing the road work to be done between the hours of 7 p.m. and 4 a.m., drivers are still piling up and causing congestion.

Travel time between Valencia to Canyon Country is generally anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the flow of traffic. However, because road work along Soledad Canyon Road often involves the closing of multiple lanes, drivers tend to experience heavy delays.

“I get off of work at 9 p.m. in Valencia and then I drive home, to Canyon Country, and it still takes me almost an hour sometimes because everyone is using one lane. It’s ridiculous,” says Gabriella Latade, a 21-year-old film major at COC and resident of Canyon Country. Latade says that there are times where traffic is so bad on Soledad Canyon Road that she has to backtrack and take a detour.

“I’m happy road work is being done and there are positive changes being done to Santa Clarita but, it is really getting in my way and it has really become a stressor in my life.”

Street refurbishments along Soledad Canyon Road are expected to continue until the end of October.

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