Opinion: And to think we don’t believe society is sexist

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By Andrea Cota

A car zooms around the corner, you hear the sound of the car drifting, it comes to a stop; a beautiful women wearing faded booty shorts and a flannel crop top walks from off camera holding a fast food bag. She walks up to the car sits on the hood, pulls out a juicy hamburger and seductively takes a huge bite out of the hamburger. The words Carls Jr. flash across the screen and you then realize the purpose of this ad is to sell a hamburger… Who would have guessed? The female wearing practically nothing, on top of a muscle car, selling a hamburger, how much more sexist could this ad be?

Sexism, in society, whether it be advertising, television, movies or social media is everywhere. Sexism is so prominent in our society that it almost seems normal. However, what is normal about young teen-aged girls starving themselves to look as skinny as a model, or getting breast implants before they are 20 to look like the perfect female.

What is normal about males raping females even when the female doesn’t dress provocative and society blaming the girl and not the male?

What is normal about a female who commits suicide because of Slut Shaming?  Nothing…that’s what, however we as a society view this so much in the media, that it has become normal.

In the U.S. 20 million women will have suffered from some type of eating disorder in their life.  And According to Eating Disorder Hope, it is estimated that 1.0% to 4.2% of women have suffered from anorexia in their lifetime.

This is what sexism in society is doing to the young girls of today. By the age of six, girls are worried about their weight.

There are many different reason for eating disorders, but the most common, as I have seen, is because society is telling these young girls that they need to look a certain way; not all bodies are built in the “perfect” form so as they grow older the children do everything in their power to look “model attractive.”

Society will even degrade a female if they do not have a certain body type. This is a cause of sexism.

Sexism can and will cause abuse from males toward women, this is seen as an norm in our society because females are the “lesser” sex. Whether it be physical abuse, rape, stalking, or murder, the norm of a something happening to a female is greater than something happening to a male.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence “1 in 3 women will be victims of domestic violence… 1 in 5 women has been raped in their lifetime and 94% of all intimate homicides are women.” (Black, M.C., Basile, K.C.,) This means that women face a higher rate of domestic violence.

There are many causes for the crimes, but some of them like the rape or the physical abuse is reinforced in TV, Social Media, Advertisements, and Video games.

These forms of media have shown rape as more of an “I conquered the female” and its fine, than as wrong and illegal.

We see it in TV shows such as True Blood, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Girls, Mad Men, and Switched at Birth and these are just a few.

All of these TV shows depict, either rape or a female being forced to have sex. This will mentally reinforce the idea of rape in society as not that bad. Yes it will still be considered wrong but instead of a real punishment, the rapist may get a fine and a restraining order against them or nothing depending if the female is to scared to come out.

These unacceptable behaviors toward women are wrong and need to stop. However the only way for media to stop is for society to collectively look at these “norms” and start to change them.

Society is showing young girls an image of what is believed to be the perfect body, they exhibit the perfect body as under normal body weight, this is wrong. Females are taught they are not allowed to speak out about rape, because they are forced to believe the rape was their fault.

Society should change the media starting with TV, movies, and advertisement to have a different outlook on females. That a females body is beautiful and can be looked at as a gorgeous one but also as a human who isn’t there for the males pleasure.

Females shouldn’t be the highest rate in domestic crimes and eating disorders. The way this can change is to adapt the selling point. If they still have to use the female body that’s fine, but show them elegant and respectable, not slutty and whore like.

Change hamburger ads to actually be about hamburgers and not about how a females mouth looks around a burger.

Change entertainment so when a male rapes, hits, or stalks a female he gets punished and not reinforced.

Media has to stop looking at the female body as a tool for males enjoyment and start looking at it as a piece of art that can be enjoyed but never mistreated. Females are strong, elegant, magnificent people and the media needs to see them that way.

The only way this will change is if the people stand up and say no to the creators, producers and advertisers of the world.

Say no to sexist remarks, say no to the domestic violence against women, and say no to the objectification of women.

People need to remember women are people too, not just objects!




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