Online dating creates more accessible way to find romantic options

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Aspects of our society have greatly changed and evolved with the onset of new technologies. We are certainly a new media society. Many of our daily tasks now incorporate the use of these new technological tools for work, to communicate and now to even date.

Having the internet at our fingertips unlocks and unleashes endless possibilities and connects people from across the world in a matter of seconds. Smartphones and digital technology have swept through such great waves of change that seem to have allowed many more words per minute and fewer words expressed verbally.

A major change brought on by internet advances is online dating. This concept has greatly changed the way in which we connect, meet people and even establish romantic relationships. Around 2005, the concept of dating online was frowned upon, held a negative stigma and considered “taboo” to some.

Fast forward to current times and online dating has steadily become a popular trend. Nearly half of the public has personally used online dating services or know someone who has met a spouse or partner by online dating, according to Pew Research Center. Hearing successful stories has positively impacted the public’s views and has led to wide spread acceptance. A small 23 percent of Americans remain a bit hesitant of online dating, not fully feeling comfortable with the idea, or not wanting to appear desperate.

Oddly the age groups that most utilize online dating services seem to fall on two opposite sides of the spectrum, young adults vs. seniors. The younger age group ranging from 18 to 24 seems to most utilize mobile apps. Members of this group tend to prefer “hook ups” or “love connections” on the go. There are many mobile apps out such as Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grindr and Play the Game of Love. These mobile apps don’t encourage long-lasting relationships but seem to advocate more of a hook up experience, meet and greets or flings.

Some websites have also converted to allowing the option to use the web/desktop site version or to download the mobile app version. The age group of those 55 to 64 seem to find more success with the desktop site version using sites such as Match.Com, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid and E-Harmony. For seniors who have “seen years” they seek more of a real connection and commitment that run much deeper.

Online dating has made meeting friends or love connections more easily obtainable. Work schedules, children or the frequently heard “I’m never able to meet anyone new” are excuses that have quickly grown obsolete.

Finding love is now convenient, fun and accessible from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Your love story can begin with just a click of a computer mouse or swipe of a finger thanks to technology.

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