Have you checked the Lost and Found? Many items left unclaimed at the Valencia Campus

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Laptops, cell phones, keys and other personal items are being held in hope of their owners return.

These lost items are turned into COC’s Lost and Found located inside the Campus Safety Office.

Director of Campus Safety, Tammy Castor says an entire room is dedicated to these forgotten items she hopes that anyone who has lost an item within campus grounds remembers to check the lost and found to save themselves some panic.

Castor and her office say they have items “worth a lot of money,” and that they keep them longer than they should. “I’m looking at this stuff and it must mean something to somebody and I really would like to get it back to them,” Castor says.

Eyeglasses, hats and clothing are often donated, but items like an engraved vintage Lord Elgin watch, a pricy guitar that still sits in its case and diamond jewelry has been kept for over a year.

Two cellphones and a laptop where turned in on the day this story was reported.

Technician Brenda Clarke says students need to be reminded that there are thoughtful people out there. “Did you know we have this service? Because I think when anyone loses cash they think ‘Oh it’s gone nobody is going to turn it in’ and most likely someone has turned it in.”

Clarke adds that students may not even know where the lost and found is located because there is no sign in the front indicating it. “I don’t think they realize that people are kind of honest. I think they lose these expensive things are probably think its just a loss and why even bother.”

Administrative Assistant, Joy Reilley pulls out thick binder full of papers with descriptions of items that are kept in a log. When someone calls regarding a lost item, it may take a day or two for someone to turn it in. That is when the description we have comes in handy.

COC does its part to try and return lost items that when the right owner is found the school calls, emails and even walks the lost item to the person’s class or office.

The Campus Safety office reminds students that they are doing their part to try and find the rightful owners of items. Students then will need to be the ones to check for their items.

The Campus Safety Office at the Valencia Campus is located in building X8 just north of the Student Center. You can call the Campus Safety Valencia office at 661-362-3023.

Lost and Found is located inside the Campus Safety Office.
Lost and Found is located inside the Campus Safety Office.

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