COC political science department discusses presidential election

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Cougar News was invited to the Presidential Election Panel held by the political science department at College of the Canyons to discuss the presidential election as well as the recent debate.

The workshop held in Boykin Hall was presented as a four-member panel of COC political scientists that included Professor David C. Andrus, Dr. Majid Mosleh, Dr. Phil Gussin and Dr. Deems Morrione. The panel helped students make sense of this year’s election by discussing topics like the current political party structure, who had the more impressive debate, and where the panelists see the country four years from now.

One of the most important parts of the event was voting and helping students understand who they are voting for.

Political Science Chairman David Andrus explained the importance of this to Cougar News.

“It cuts to the core of our discipline, and of course in political science part of our goal is to get people more involved,” Andrus said. “If people truly believe in a democracy, then it means people have to be involved, everyone in society needs to be informed.”

“Anytime you are relying on one source of information, you put yourself in a position where you can be manipulated or misinformed,” Dr. Pil Gussin said.

“If the person who is communicating the news to you is wrong on a fact but you do not go anywhere else to look, you will never know.”

All students and staff are encouraged to attend the second political panel on Oct. 19.

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