River rally ready to return this September

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The City of Santa Clarita is hosting its 22nd annual River Rally on September 17 at the Newhall Community Center.

Over the years, a buildup of trash and debris has polluted the river, damaging our city’s environment with items such as; broken down shopping carts, mattress springs, used tires and unrecycled televisions. The River Rally began in 1994 as a community effort to help clean up the Santa Clara River, where over 400,000 pounds of trash has since been removed.

The River Rally is an excellent volunteer opportunity and a family-friendly activity that benefits a great cause toward our environment.

Volunteers are enticed to join the effort with fresh coffee and free donuts provided by Starbucks and Krispy Kreme, who have sponsored the event for over eight years. In addition, an Environmental Expo will be taking place at the entrance, and will provide excellent advice on recycling, saving water and information about the drought.

Volunteers are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring sunscreen. Water bottles are handed out at the entrance, as well as gloves and trash-bags for disposal of waste left in the river.

Pre-registration for this event is mandatory; however, residents of the City of Santa Clarita are encouraged to sign up on the city’s website where they can register multiple participants at a single time. For more information on the River Rally registration or event locations, you can call the River Rally Hotline, at (661) 284-1415.


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