LA County Lifeguard Tryout

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Over 200 people gathered at Dockweiler State Beach to try out for the Los Angeles County Lifeguards earlier this month.

A few lifeguards from Castaic Lake, like Spencer Roney, Jonah Di Paola and Alyssa San Lucas, had taken part in the tryouts.

Even our very own Cougar News reporter, Trevor Anthony, competed.

Before being able to try out, the competitors had to swim a consecutive 1,000 yards in order to obtain a swim certificate. 

Once it finally got to the race, all of the competitors left the lifeguard tower, running to their starting line where there was way more skin and speedos.

The competitors knew going into this tryout that there was only 65 passes to go onto the next stage. This means they had to swim their hearts out when swimming 1,100 meters. Getting one of those popsicle sticks was their golden ticket to land an interview; this is exactly what Alyssa San Lucas did.

She placed 60th in the race, got her golden ticket, and landed her an interview. She swam against 240 competitors and her advice was “Swim in the ocean, lake, or pool. Just lots of swimming.” If she passes her interview, she will then attend the Lifeguard Training Academy where she will learn ocean dynamics, rescues, first-aid, rescue boat operations, communications, and public relations. The academy will last for 5 weekends in a row with a total of 100 hours of training.

Although Spencer Roney, Jonah Di Paola, and Trevor Anthony didn’t make the cut, they will be back next year.

Spencer Roney says he will train harder for next year with swimming more, going to the gym more, and working on his “dad bod.” Jonah Di Paola states “I just want to be apart of L.A. County Ocean…it’s one of the most respected lifeguarding positions.” He believes that he trained clearly not enough, but he will be back next year to try out.

If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard for L.A. County, be sure to check out their website where all the information and steps to become a lifeguard is available.  

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