“Gotham guarantees to deliver a ‘Mad City'”

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I love watching television, as do most american’s today, and trying to find great shows is a rarity these days with all the channels out there.

I call it “appointment television”, that show you HAVE to be home at 9p on a Wednesday to watch. Well, I have found that next great show, and it’s called “Gotham”.

Already in it’s third season, it’s viewership has continued growing every season since its inception because not only the impeccable writing and acting but because of it’s numerous storylines.

It tells the story of a young Bruce Wayne after his parents were shot coming out of the Monarch Theater with a twist… he and his trusty butler Alfred begin to unravel the mystery of who killed his parents and why.

If you are a noobie to the show, not to worry I am going to break down each character for you, and what can we expect from season three.


bruce-wayneBruce Wayne:  Good ol’ Master Wayne is starting to become quite the young detective having already found what appears to be the “Batcave”,a hidden passage in his father’s study, connections to corruption in Wayne Enterprises, and has confronted thugs and criminals and ALMOST found his parent’s killer. Played by David Mazouz, 14, he carries himself with the poise, and confidence need for the young billionaire.








james-gordonJames Gordon: This young and brash detective will stop at nothing to find out the truth and get justice for those in need of it. He made a promise to Bruce Wayne he will find who killed his parents, and plans on finishing the job. His character arc has nothing but entertaining and enjoyable  to watch. I am eager to see what they do with it.



harvey-bullockHarvey Bullock: Gordon’s partner who is now temporarily running the GCPD until the Captain returns from his injuries. He is a devious fellow getting in bed with the wrong person like Fish Mooney, but has evolved into the go get ’em type of cop.





alfredAlfred Pennyworth: Bruce Wayne’s most trusted friend and confidant, he has guided him through all of the good and bad times since his parent’s death even teaching him how to fight and other things. Not to mention saving his life a few times.






barbaraBarbara Kean: She was James’s love interest in season one but going crazy and being thrown into Arkham Asylum and then getting broken out has definitely changed her. Now she is trying to earn Jim’s trust back and making him forget Lesile Tompkins, his other love interest.






lesile-tompkinsLesile Tompkins: Jim’s other love interest upstate in hiding, she was carrying his child and lost it. We haven’t heard from her in several episodes.. so what is she up too? From all those superheroes out there if her face looks familiar… it should she just starred in the hit Marvel film “Deadpool” as Wayne’s girlfriend.







captCaptain Nathaniel Barnes: The injured captain is resting comfortably in an ICU unit thanks to a shooting that happened at the end of last season. Harvey Bullock is now the acting captain, and will try and run the GCPD the best he can.. Will he make it..? Only time will tell.




Now we talk about some very developed characters… Villains. It’s good to be bad.


penguinOswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin: Probably the best developed character out of all the villains.. He has definitely had his share of up and downs.. everything from running the city to losing both of his natural parents in his arms.  At the end of last season we see him faint because of the return of Fish Mooney whom he thought he had gotten rid of. What will happen in season three…?





butchButch Gilzean: He was Penguin’s right hand man (pictured) and muscle before branching out on his own trying to get his own gang together. How will he figure into all of the mayhem..?





fishFish Mooney: A very cool, and slick crime boss played by Jada Pinkett Smith, who doesn’t take excuses from anyone. She just rose from the dead courtesy of Hugo Strange and broke out of Arkham at the end of season two.  Will she go after The Penguin because he tried to kill her or does she have bigger Fish to fry?






hugo-strange Dr. Hugo Strange: The former warden of Arkham Asylum who was doing experimenting on his patients in Indian Hills, under the Asylum, and making monsters and bringing them back from the dead. Some of his “experiments” failed miserably and others have taken hold. He was just a cog in the wheel and being told what to do by a lady on a monitor. What does she have to do with all of this..?





edwardEdward Nygma aka The Riddler: Easily the most witty villain because of his evil genius. He has evolved over the two seasons, and done everything from kill his girlfriend to try and frame Jim Gordon. There are plenty of little easter eggs for the fans to pick up on like the suit he wears, the question marks, the riddles he tells. Overall, a great villain, and I think he completes his transformation this season.




selina-2Selina Kyle: Easily the most innocent and fun villain, if you can even call her that, young Kat befriends Bruce and helps him in a myriad of ways helping him certain situations. However, she does have a little “mean girl” in her when she becomes Fish Mooney’s ally in the first season. Now that Fish’s back, are they going to hook up again as team..? What do you think?




Overall, I believe this is one of the cooler and hip shows on television today. With only 11 days until the third season premieres, my suggestion to you is if you have the chance.. get caught up. You won’t regret it. “Gotham” returns on Monday, September 19th on Fox at 9p.

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