Farmers Market brings more than students to College of the Canyons

by Betty Varela 988 views0

Debbie Karloff, a local Santa Clarita resident, makes a whole day coming to colleges’ farmers market.

She has been coming to the Farmers market for over twenty years.

It runs every Sunday from 8:30-12:00 pm. They have over forty vendors selling varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. The information desk claims that every vendor has an actual farm.

In order for them to be able to sell there, they must get certified. With that it is assured that the majority of the produce there was just picked within twenty four hours of the farmers market.

Shopping at the farmers market there will also be Wendy the Bee keep manning her booth. Her family owns and operates the Blue Ridge Honey farm,that keeps 1600 colonies in line.

Then there is Ivan Langston giving out free samples of Dates for the Davall Date Gardens. That family has four decades of date growing since it takes about 25 years to cultivate a Date.

The farmers market serves food and has live entertainment, as Debbie Karloff says ” Its a nice way to start your day, and shop, and meet people.”


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