Santa Clarita resident creates eco-friendly business

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Daverick Aguilar sprayed the 2015 black Scion tC with waterless car wash solution three times before he gracefully wiped the dirt off the hood of the car.

“The more gentle you wipe the solution off, the cleaner your car will look,” said Aguilar.

As he wiped the solution off the car with one microfiber towel in the left hand, another microfiber towel followed in the right hand to put on the finishing touches.

Aguilar is a self-employed Santa Clarita resident who makes a living from washing people’s cars with his own unique style.

Aguilar sprays his waterless carwash solution across the hood of the car and wipes the car clean in less than 30 minutes.

He created the business last March and officially named it Polishd.

He washes about seven cars a week and his business is growing rapidly.

“A lot of people, especially in Southern California, could benefit from this car washing alternative,” said Aguilar.

An advantage to a waterless car wash is that there are fewer scratch marks left on your car, and Polishd provides a car wash that is environment friendly.

The only disadvantage of getting a waterless car wash is that it will take more time than a regular car wash.

“Some people are fine with going to a car wash and paying less just so they have a clean car,” said Aguilar.

Ever since high school Aguilar has had a love for cars and Polishd lets him express it through his business.

“If you were my neighbor, you would know how obsessed I am with keeping my car clean,” said Aguilar.

Polishd makes about $200 a week in revenue.

Aguilar travels to his customers’ homes, making it easier than ever to get a car wash.

“If I want my car washed I don’t need to wait at a car wash anymore, I can still get things done at my house while getting my car washed at home,” said Andrew Salas, friend of Aguilar’s and loyal customer since the business started.

Getting a car washed by Polishd is a little more expensive than taking it to a regular car wash business.

“Prices start at $22 for an exterior wash, $27 to include the inside, and $55 for a complete detail which also includes a wax,” said Aguilar.

For being only 24 years old, Aguilar is determined that his business will soon bring in more customers.

There were a couple of steps Aguilar had to go through before becoming a legal business.

“I had to acquire some forms through City Hall and register the idea through the LA County before they approved it,” said Aguilar.

So far Aguilar doesn’t have any permanent employees for his business, but he always keeps his options open.

“I will usually pay my friends to wash some cars with me throughout the week if they want to make a little extra money,” said Aguilar.

Competitors to Polishd include traditional car washes and other detailers in the Santa Clarita Valley.

“I see myself as being right in the middle. I feel I provide the quality of a detailer without the prices of one,” said Aguilar.

Some people, such as Ally Ford, a SCV resident who gets her car washed regularly, would much rather have her car washed in her own driveway.

“I think the worst part about getting your car washed is waiting for your car to be washed, but having someone come to my house would be even better,” said Ford.

There are many future plans for Polishd, such as continue cleaning customers cars and also giving back to the community.

“I would like to partner up with a charity where I can donate money that comes out of every car wash,” said Aguilar.

Another big goal for Polishd would be opening a location in SCV.

“I think Polishd would be beneficial not only for the environment, bur for SCV too,” said Aguilar.

Aguilar’s dreams turned into reality from making his own business and can’t wait to bring more ideas to the business in the future.


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