Kidney stones: What you don’t know can hurt you

by Joshua Spishak 648 views0

kidney-stones-smallKidney Stones are said to be as painful as child birth, and some say it is even worse. Not to be taken lightly, they are a very serious condition, but many who suffer from it are completely unprepared.

Although the common group of kidney stone patients are men ages 30-50, they can be found in anybody. Taylor Ens and Justin Marco, two 20 year old COC students recently suffered through the affliction, and were both surprised when it initially happened. Justin said he received his kidney stones from drinking improperly filtered tap water, while Taylor’s came from drinking energy drinks and consuming unhealthy food.

A kidney stone is a buildup of minerals in the urine which crystallizes to form a solid substance. Both Taylor and Justin said the agonizing process was simply a waiting game, as no cure or quick fix could be prescribed. You may have kidney stones if you are experiencing a sharp pain in your lower back or abdomen, or in your ground area.

Not to be taken lightly at any age, kidney stones may fly under the radar for most COC students, but if you are feeling these pains or have trouble urinating or there is blood in your urine, see a doctor as soon as possible. Although kidney stones can be intensely painful, the best thing to do is see a medical professional to be properly treated and cared for.

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