Calabasas fire burns down children’s camp

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wildcraftAt Approximately 4 p.m. Sat, June 4, 2016 a male in a black SUV was traveling at high speeds in Calabasas when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a power line.

The line crashed to the ground, causing a transformer to blow up and start a fire.

Firefighters arrived quickly to try to hold the fire back. Fires are being ignited in the trees while firefighters are tackling the fires, but triple-digit temperatures are not helping the cause.

People and pet evacuations are going on in Calabasas and in the neighboring communities of Calabasas Highlands, Eddingham and Adamsville. People are using their horse trailers to remove their animals, and Pierce College is allowing homeowners to drop off their pets their for safety.

Camp Wildcraft, a new art and nature summer camp, has faced damage due to the fire. The camp holds the oldest standing house in Calabasas. The house was saved, but the rest of the camp burned down due to the flames. The camp was due to open for the summer on June 15.
Smoke from the fire has been seen as far east as North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. Firfighter Capt. Keith Mora states that over 200 acres have been burned and over 30 homes are in danger.

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