Behind the scenes of COC’s Associated Student Gov.

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A crowded parking lot can often lead to being several minutes late to class. Southern California’s weather is often too hot to forget a water bottle at home. Sometimes a club or school organization requests added on-campus presence.

The Associated Student Government, or ASG, is one of many College of the Canyons groups working to maintain a balance between those demands – a group in many cases left thankless and unnoticed.

In the several months A.S.G. president Christine Colindres and vice president Jared Moberg got the opportunity to attend the “KTHS advocacy trip. Many Santa Clarita residents including the Mayor, students from high schools, business owners, and the owner of the KHTS radio station take this trip to go speak to our legislators about issues that will affect Santa Clarita. The main topic this year is for the incredibily controversial high-speed railroad system that Governor Brown is Pushing for.” indicates Culteral Student Involvement coordinator, Dana Lavine.

These two Cougar representatives were the only community college student representatives to attend, “advocating on the students behalf regarding funding to be cut from California community colleges” explains A.S.G. Vice president Mark De La Cruz

You probably didn’t know that the water bottle refiling stations in Mentry Hall were voted in by the Associated student government. As a project brought forth by the Sustainability Center on campus this decision has already saved over 20,000 water bottles to date.

This last summer, A.S.G. representatives were meeting with Michael Joslin – Dean of Student Discipline, Kelly Dapp – Activities Advisor Report, Robin Herndon – Student Service Specialist Report and Leslie Carr – Director of Professional Development.

The focus that day was to evaluate and vote on, “board policy and its corresponding administrative procedure for the Senate to support. The Senate shall review BP and AP 4233- Attendance” documented in the senate minutes.

A.S.G. was fighting to prevent teachers from having the ability to mark a student absent after being tardy by several minutes.

The student representatives fought for the policy to be dismissed and so the decision was made, “the Attendance policy is more than fair” as written in the Senate minutes.

A.S.G. is also in charge of maintaining C.O.C.s Interclub Council and has recently boosted overall club presence on campus.

In the last two semesters A.S.G. has built a larger following of over 1000 followers on twitter and instagram at coc_asg. Students can now get more involved and stay active on campus in a way most people already feel confortable.

“While the average student may or may not see us on a daily basis, coordinating events, hosting meetings, or otherwise, we work hard to ensure that they get an awesome experience here.” shares vice president Mark De La Cruz.

With new position holders running ASG in the next Spring semester, students can only wait to find out what change will yet again take hold in the upcoming months.

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