Wings for Life World Run 2016

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Santa Clarita was a host yet again for the Wings for Life World Run, an annual worldwide event that began in 2014.

Wings for Life is a foundation that was established in 2004, with the goal being to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injury research.

The race took place in six continents, across thirty-four locations, with only two being in the United States. One of the two was in Santa Clarita.

2,300 people traveled from across the globe to participate in the Santa Clarita race.

This is not your average race, thousands of runners from each location begin at the exact same time but each have a different finish line–that being the catcher car.

The catcher car leaves the the start line 30 minutes into the race at a steady nine miles per hour, slowly increasing speed.

Once the car passes a runner, they are out of the race.

This year’s local winners were American Samuel Bradbury who ran 37.8 miles, and Maibritt Daugaard of Denmark who ran 30.7 miles.

Registration for next year’s race is already open, for more information you can visit Wings for Life’s website.

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