Rams, L.A. fans reunited

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20160428_173320After 22 years, the Rams are back in Los Angeles and had their first draft pick party on Thursday, April 28 at the Microsoft Square in Los Angeles.

Smiles were on everyone’s face and excitement filled the air as early arrivals received free Rams hats.

Thousands of enthusiastic fans gathered and were able to mingle with the players.

There was plenty of food, music, games and family fun for everyone. Even alumni Rams were on hand to help celebrate.

For fans that wanted to take the fun home with them, there was a temporary tattoo booth. The Rams Cheerleaders performed and posed for photographs.

Autograph and photo booths were available for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Fans went crazy after the team picked Jarod Goff as the first draft pick quarterback. When asked if his number was going to be 16, Jared said yes.

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