COC holds open house for emergency medical technician program

by Kenneth Birkland 1,092 views0

College of the Canyons’ emergency medical technician (EMT) program hosted an open house, where students got to experience the ambulance simulator.

Students would hop into the COC ambulance in the simulator, and the instructor would rock the ambulance back and forth while the students tried to “save the patient.”

EMT student Avery Chapman learned a valuable lesson about teamwork while in the simulator.

“Communication. Communication is key,” said Avery “We did a few retakes on this with a few of my friends who are EMTs or are trying to become EMTs that are currently in the class, and each time we practiced in the simulator we got a little better.”

Event Coordinator Patti Haley noted how special of an opportunity this is for students.

“There are 16 (ambulance simulators) in the United States- this is the 16th. The closest one to us is in Alaska and all the rest are in Texas and east of Texas,” Haley said.

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