Unexpected food combinations found in Newhall

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By Andrew Menjivar

Hidden in Newhall are a couple of restaurants that contain unique menu items not found anywhere else in Santa Clarita.

Nudie’s Custom Java opened its doors last year and doubles as a cafe and a museum dedicated to famous old western stars and musicians. The homage continues onto the menu, which features items named The Lone Ranger, The Duke and The Elvis.

Bacon, peanut butter, bananas and honey, Nudie’s Elvis sandwich is inspired by the King’s odd food cravings. The sandwich is grilled, melting the peanut butter with the bananas and honey drizzled over bacon for a crunchy, sweet and savory meal.

“It’s a tribute to Elvis, he loved that stuff,” said Jamie Nudie, owner of Nudie’s Custom Java.

Across the street is Southern Smoke BBQ & Brew, which opened late last year and features southern style barbecue cuisine. Among its selection of various meats, salads and drinks, one menu item is catching customers’ attention: The PB&J.

“I would say about 95 percent of the people that actually are brave enough to try it absolutely love it,” said Sam Guardian, owner of Southern Smokehouse.

The PB&J is a hamburger that contains a single grind brisket patty, smoked applewood bacon, blackberry jam and peanut butter. The jam is reminiscent of turkey and cranberry sauce, while the peanut butter provides a nutty texture without being overpowering.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting lunch spot or are a food adventurer, these unique menu items are sure to be flavorful with every bite.

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