On the green with Karan Arjun

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Born in Bangalore, India, Karan Arjun left for the USA at the age of 17 to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional golfer.

That was two and a half years ago, now Arjun is halfway around the world and taking his golf game to the next level. Leaving his mother and father behind to finish his high school career at a golf academy in Southern Carolina.

He grew up playing golf in India. Golfing is in Arjun’s blood, his father, mother, grandparents, and sister all play golf.

Arjun’s sister, Nikita, is currently attending college at Armstrong State in Georgia to play the sport. Nikita and Karan moved to the US together in hopes of putting their way on to the LPGA and PGA tours.

They had put in a lot of hard work and time into their games in India. With very few greens and less than ideal conditions for practice, they had to move in order to further their skills.

After receiving his Associate’s degree from College of the Canyons, he hopes to transfer to either Long Beach State or Arizona State University. He hopes to stay somewhere on the West Coast to stay in the beautiful weather. He loves the heat, but is not a big fan of the farmers tan he’s developed.

When Arjun isn’t on the green he enjoys watching shows on Netflix and listening to music. He’s a typical teenager, but has a love for the game of golf and aspires to be like Tiger Woods of 10 years ago.


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