Mildew Covered Fountains Raise Concerns For Students (Preview)

by Brooke Lohman 639 views0

Story by Brooke Lohman and Ken Birkland

Repulsive, mildewy, and unsanitary are three words students never want to hear when they think about the water fountains they drink from in our every day life.

Students at College of the Canyons drink from fountains every day that are far from hygienic.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.42.43 PMSeveral students refuse to drink from fountains at COC because they believe it could make them ill. ” I try to steer clear of the fountains, especially in Mentry Hall because they honestly make me feel sick. I think if they maintained the fountains and cleaned them more often more people would use them.” said Bella Angobaldo, a student at the college.

Not only do these fountains create an unappealing picture but they could also cause a health concern for students. Although it has not been reported by students to cause any real illness, a build-up of bacteria could lead to a serious health problems in the near future.

Brooke Lohman and Ken Birkland will investigate to bring you more.

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