High speed rail zooming to break new ground

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One of the most controversial plans in California history is set to be completed this week.

The planning for the California High-Speed Rail system will be discussed at one of its monthly meetings this Thursday in San Jose – which is one of the many proposed stops along the line.

Among the agenda is adopting a business plan for 2016, and updates will be given about three major stops along the railway; San Francisco to San Jose, Merced to Sacramento and finally Merced to Sacramento.

“It’s the largest construction project in America for sure by a long shot maybe largest construction project envisioned in the state right now,” said Daniel Curtin, a board member of the High-Speed Rail Authority.  

The biggest portion of the meeting will be devoted to address the several pieces of litigation against the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

“Since late February when the draft business  plan came out, there is a sixty day comment period where we hear from the public, where we hear about the pros and cons, what they liked or didn’t like about our draft business plan,” explains Authority spokeswoman Adeline Yee.

Any public concerns and comments will be allowed, however they will be limited to only a few minutes each.

If you would like to attend or have any questions about this, check out the links below.




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