Cities across USA consider banning texting and walking

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Various cities across the United States are considering enacting a law to ban texting while walking and one town in New Jersey has succeeded.

It is widely accepted that texting while driving is dangerous, but new arguments have risen against texting while walking.

Many find the act of texting a distraction that causes individuals to not only miss out on important moments in their personal lives, but also puts them in dangerous situations.

I think it should be common sense not to do it because you could get hit by a car because you’re not paying attention to your surroundings,” said Lusy Tarakchyan a College of the Canyons student and Santa Clarita resident.

The people in the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey decided to make it illegal to be using your phone while crossing the street.

Those caught using their phones while crossing the streets are subject to an $85 jaywalking ticket while the fine for texting and driving is $200-$400 for a first time offender $400-$600 for a second offender and $600-$800 for a third offence with a possible 90 day license suspension.

Lawmakers in Arkansas and New York are also in the process of trying to ban the use of cell phones by pedestrians.

The law, or rather the idea, seems to be spreading rapidly throughout the country may soon be enacted in the Santa Clarita Valley.

With the rise of pedestrian deaths so far in 2016 many feel the law might help prevent this in the future.

“”It’s sad that we have to make this law but it’s our responsibility to be alert while crossing the streets,” said Christina Garofalo, a College of the Canyons student. “We cannot control the actions of drivers but we can control our reactions.”

There are those who find the law unnecessary and it shouldn’t be passed.

“A law to ban texting while crossing the street seems very trivial it’s just common sense to pay attention,” said Taylor Deglauve, a Santa Clarita resident and COC student.

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