Two Scholarships Made To Honor Kathy Fortine

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Two Scholarships are being created by College of the Canyons to honor the legacy of Kathy Fortine.

Fortine was the daughter of College of the Canyons Board of Trustees’ current president, Bruce Fortine who has served on the board for the last 15 years and was one of the Board’s first members. 

The different scholarships have been set up to correspond with aspects of Kathy’s life that were important to her, Television production and her love of music.

Currently both scholarships are being endowed which will allow them to be an annual reward the College could give out to students every year. The funds will build up until they can collect enough interest off the funds to give out an appropriate amount to students who are awarded them.

Students who wish to apply for the scholarships when they become available, must be College of the Canyons’ students and be majoring in either television production or music, just as Fortine did in her life.

The creation of the scholarships was announced during a living memorial to honor Fortine’s life, that was hosted at the College’s University Center early March.

The College expects the funds to be ready to be given sometime next spring.

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