Local Junior High Teacher Runs For U.S. Senate

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Von Hougo is an 8th grade science teacher at Arroyo Seco and is attempting to make a historic run for California’s U.S. Senate seat, and is officially on the ballot for June 7th.

Hougo is not running a traditional campaign by any means. Though he has gathered the support of the local community, Hougo refuses to accept donations.

“By not taking donations I’m not beholden to anybody,” explains Hougo. “By not taking [donations], I’m pure, I don’t owe anybody, I can really just represent the people which is what my entire platform is.”

Hougo is certainly trying to change the way the political process is played out. According to the New York Daily News, a U.S. Senate seat costs an average of $10.5 million to win. By not accepting donations, Hougo is making the process a lot tougher on himself, but it is important to him

“Every year at the end of the year, I always tell the kids they have a duty; they have a right; too many people died horrible deaths in awful places so they have the right to vote,” Hougo said “I always tell¬† them you need to vote whatever you do, but the last couple years I felt like I was lying. I really felt like their vote doesn’t matter and that’s wrong.”

The inspiration for his campaign came from Hougo feeling like the average person’s voice is not heard enough in politics.

For more information about Hougo’s run for office go to his campaign’s website or the campaigns’s Facebook.

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