Gary Peterson past, present, and future

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Gary Peterson is the longest tenured coach at COC, and for good reason. He has brought the school 19 Western State Conference Championships, two Southern California Community College Championships and six California Community College State Championships.

With all of this success comes great expectations, “The goal is always to win a state a championship, nothing short of that,” Peterson said.  “Having done this for so long, if we don’t win the state championship I’m disappointed.”

However it is not all about championships and titles for Coach Peterson, he also enjoys seeing his players achieve success on their own and transfer to division I schools.

“A successful season would be winning the state championship, and all six of the guys getting a full ride to a D-I powerhouse golf program,” Peterson said.

Last year, the men’s golf won the state championship and three of the golfers on the team transferred to a 4-year college.

It has been 37 years since Coach Peterson took over as the golf coach and he currently has no plans of slowing down.

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