Emergency preparedness that will only “Take a Second”

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College of the Canyons is asking students to “Take a Second,” a video series designed to concentrate and condense key preparatory information to approach emergency situations.

The series began at the start of the Spring semester and will post to the canyons website on a weekly basis.

“We started with building evacuations, it’s the one thing that you need to know” COC spokesman Eric Harnish said.”How do I get out of this classroom, how do I get out of this building and then where do I go.”

Students on campus were reminded of the importance of emergency preparation Thursday, after several students wearing body armor for a class presentation were found outside the university center, Santa Clarita Sheriff Rob Hahnlein told Cougar News.

Parts of the College initiated lock-down procedures until security personnel sent out security alerts via email, text message or phone, that there was nothing to worry about.

“We’ve used this system before and people say they haven’t got the message,” Harnish said. “They have to go to my canyons, check your contact information and make sure that the correct cell phone number is listed.”

The video series is not only initiating awareness for students on campus but condensing the info in a way that will stick, Harnish said.

For additional information regarding emergency procedures, the student guide to Campus emergencies along with the “Take a Second” series can be found on the public information page of the Canyons website.

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