Coffee With A Cop connects community with law enforcement

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On March 22nd Law enforcement officers from the California Highway Patrol Newhall Branch hosted Coffee With A Cop at Peet’s Coffee & Tea on McBean Parkway in Santa Clarita from 5 to 10 AM.

Law enforcement officers are responsible for a multitude of tasks on a day to day basis, protecting people and property, responding to emergency calls, enforcing laws, making arrests, issuing citations and testifying in court cases are all just a days work for these brave men and women. A lesser known task of officers however is community engagement.

Coffee With A Cop was first started by the Hawthorne Police Department back in 2011 as a way to better connect with local citizens who the officers protected and served daily, what started as a small gathering has turned international with the organization being implemented at a local level.

Today Coffee With a Cop has grown drastically with events being hosted in 49 states and over 2000 communities including Santa Clarita and it is easy to see why.

“We are here for community engagement” said Josh Greengard Public Information Officer for the California Highway Patrol Newhall Branch, “people come in from all around the community to build friendships and try to understand one another better.”

Coffee With A Cop does this by giving members of the community a chance to sit one on one with an Officer of the law to discuss different issues they may have within their community as well as shoot the breeze, “We are here to answer whatever questions members of the community” said Greengard “We have even signed off a few citations for people as well as discuss why those citations were given out in the first place.”

But not all of the conversations were serious, some were on the lighter side “We have a retired LAPD officer over here who used to be a pilot and came in to talk flying with one of our officers, a retired armed serviceman who used to be a pilot as well in the Marines.” added Greengard

Community Members and officers chat at Peet's Coffee & Tea
Community Members and officers chat at Peet’s Coffee & Tea

For more information on Coffee With a Cop or to find the next event you can head over to

“Coffee With A Cop is on a mission to improve trust and build relationships – one cup of coffee at a time.”





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