COC Athletics are Back on Track This Spring

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College of the Canyon’s track and field team is a forced to be reckoned with for the 2016 season.

They started off strong competing in their first showing this season. During the Western State Conference Relay meet on February 19th, Canyons took 1st place in 6 events. Including setting the school record in the Women’s 4,000 m Distance Medley Relay and the Women’s & Men’s 4x 800 relay.

The Women’s 4x800m Relay was ran by Jessica Ruiz, Tisian Nealy, Alexandra Whitman, and Díani Ellis. Three of these ladies also helped set the school record for the Women’s 4,000m Distance Medley Relay (Jessica Ruiz, Jada Selexman, Díani Ellis, and Alexandra Whitman). Díani Ellis and Jessica Ruiz are two freshmen to keep an eye on, as they have been making a huge impact on their relay teams.

The Men’s 4×800 dynamite relay team is comprised of Joel Estrada, James De Mello, Jason Hillquist, and Ethan Walker. Two of these team members used to race against one another in high school, as Hillquist is a Canyons High School alumni and Walker an alumni Saugus High School. Although they were once rivals, they do not let the past get in their way. In addition to setting a COC record, they set a Western State Conference Record.

During their 2nd meet, Canyons got 1st place overall for both men and women. With impressive outings from Tisian Nealy and Jessica Ruiz from their individual and relay races, these two sophomores have a bright future ahead of them. Robert Brennan and Jonathan Choi also shined during their relays and individual events, helping COC to secure the win.

Canyons hopes to bounce back after a disappointing 3rd meet, the Cal State LA Invitational, as their was only one first place finish on the day. Kaitlyn Matthews took home the 1st place title for her impressive high jump of 1.60 m. COC still has 15 meets on the year and are looking to reclaim their dominance as the season moves forward.

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