Students worry about their safety at night

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When students walk to their car after a night class at COC, they will often get a feeling of uneasiness.

“I’m afraid of walking around in the in the dark, whether it is on or off campus,” says COC student Marianna Pabon.

Often, students may complain about how certain corners of the college are dimly lit and dark. Because of the layout of the campus, students could be walking up to 15-20 minutes by themselves at night.

“Depending on where I park, I feel more or less comfortable. There is always a little bit of anxiety walking around at night,” says student Nikki Evans.

Evans also finds comfort knowing that Santa Clarita is a relatively safe city, but walking around in the dark is still intimidating.

Ashley Manjarrez takes a few extra steps to keep herself safer at night. “I tend to walk with a group. I’m paranoid. I have all this stuff on me that I feel like people would want to grab,” says Manjarrez.

While several students report a bit of fearful anxiety walking to their cars alone at night, many of them do not utilize the services that COC provides. Students can dial 0 on the Valencia campus from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m. to request an escort service.

When asked why some did not use the services, many students explained that nothing drastic has happened during their time as students so they never really felt the need to call for an escort even if they find walking through campus at night frightening.

COC also offers a self-defense workshop starting on Mar. 16 where participants can learn self-defense tips in a comfortable environment. The workshop is free and open to the community. Students may go online and visit COC’s campus safety page and look for the workshop. You must register to participate.

For more information, crime incident report forms and other programs the campus provides, be sure to go online and visit COC’s campus safety page.


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