Set up on Wakefield Courts Winter Wonderland

by Summer Pedroza 672 views0

Year after year, Wakefield Court homeowners come together to decorate their street, as a full-blown holiday must see.

Located in Saugus, this street if filled with bright lights, festive decorations, music, and laughter.

Residents on Wakefield Court gear up earlier than most people for the Christmas season. Starting in early November, holiday lights are all ready making their way out of boxes and onto house roofs.

During this time of the year, stress is brought upon many people, but, especially for the residents on Wakefield, stress comes even heavier. Although the preparation and large crowds contribute to double the stress, the homeowners of Wakefield Court say they would never trade it for anything else.

Those planning on moving to a home on Wakefield Court have to know what they are getting into. It is not a demanding street but when buying a house on the Wakefield Court, all the neighbors participate yearly Christmas lighting.

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