Benefits of Measure M

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The Santa Clarita Valley Community College District Board of Trustees gave the final green light to move forward with Measure M back in 2006. A measure that is responsible for excelling College of the Canyons into the academic institution it is today.

Measure M was a general obligation bond measure that would issue College of the Canyons $160 million to enhance the college experience at COC.

The measure was regulated in accordance with the Prop 39 requirements. That required 55 percent of district voter’s approval, a citizen oversight committee and financial audits, all money must be spent to improve College of the Canyons and no money shall go to administrative or faculty salaries or to the state.

Some of Measure M notable achievements are, the phase one completion of the Canyon Country campus in 2007, The construction of the Dr. Dianne Van Hook University Center in 2009, the new Canyon Halls Center for Student Services and Culinary Arts buildings completed in 2015 at the Valencia campus.

Other improvements include the Mentry Hall, the Library, and The Learning Center, or TLC, expansions at the Valencia campus, and the building of the Applied Technology Education Center and parking lot at the Canyon Country campus.

“We had the plan, but we couldn’t have implemented it without state funding and the community’s enduring support,” Dr. Dianne Van Hook was quoted in a College of the Canyons Breaking News article.

Measure M has recently received exceptional praise on its 2013-2014 audit that’s going to help clear the path for future projects. The audit confirmed College of the Canyons has been abiding by the regulations and have been spending the funds appropriately.

“This was a very impressive audit, it did not contain any findings, which is a testament to the college’s strict fiscal controls and extensive staff efforts,” said Nick Lentini, chair of the district’s Measure M oversight committee, in a KHTS article.

With construction to the Valencia campus completed, the focus will now shift to Canyon Country campus, to improving facilities and adding more buildings.

However, COC needs a passage of a statewide facilities construction bond to begin new construction on the Canyon Country campus which plans are set to be presented to voters in November 2016.

“Santa Clarita expects us to create a college that is capable of delivering cutting-edge education and training that allows students to achieve their goals. We’re exceeding their expectations through the resources they entrusted to us through Measure M,” Dr. Dianne Van Hook quoted in a KHTS article.

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