Who is Nick Moore?

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Courtesy Alexis Williams

Junior quarterback Nick Moore has grown up with Hart Indian Football in his blood

He is from a family that is all too familiar with the colors red and black.

His last name alone brings unexpected pressures from his team, family, and friends.

Nick’s brothers, Matt and Robby, played for the Indians in the early 2000’s. Together they have 4 CIF titles and Matt is now in the NFL.

Despite playing safety last year, Nick was not introduced to the lime light until this season when he was named the Hart Indians starting Quarterback. A position alone that expects greatness.

Moore knows he has to live up to the expectations of not only his brothers but the Hart quarterback legacy as well. “It’s a lot of pressure, people expect a lot from me,” Nick said.

Although there is a huge age difference, Nick never stopped learning from his brothers. He credits them for his development as a football player on the field.

Courtesy Alexis Williams

They remind him before every game to always be a leader and have fun because it is just a game.

That advice has led to Nick’s great success this season but if you ask him he’s not playing for himself – he is playing for his team.

“I am playing for them, I’m not playing for myself. I’m not playing for stats. I don’t care if I throw for 300 yards or 50 yards,” Nick said. “I rather throw for four interceptions and get a win than four touchdowns and get a loss. I just want to win the ball game.”

Nicks excellence and hard work cannot be taught it is earned through sacrifice. The legacy he creates while at Hart will not only bring pride to his last name but most importantly he will be remembered for his first.

He will continue to step away from under his brother’s shadows and create his own path.

“I want to be remembered at Hart for being a great quarterback, liked by all my peers and all my friends. I don’t want to be a guy that’s all about me. I want to be about the team” He said.

Nick finished his junior season earlier than expected when he tore his ACL against Golden Valley. He will look to recover in the off-season and come back stronger than ever for his senior year.

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